AI detection of chronic diseases from retina

Autonomous, fast and precise
Intuitive user experience for any health personnel
Diagnostic results within 60 seconds
ISO 13485
Aireen is a first CE MDR IIb certified, EU developed medical device with autonomous capacity in its category.

Aireen® benefits

For providers

  • Fully autonomous analysis
  • Saves time and money
  • Eliminates repetitive work
  • Cloud service - pay as you go
  • Capacity for large-scale screening programmes

For payers

  • Much improved screening compliance
  • Reduction in late stage diagnosis
  • Extends expert capacity
  • Reduction of screening costs

For patients

  • Improved access to screening
  • Faster examination without waiting
  • Early detection
  • Non invasive, convenient

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Aireen® MDR class IIb certification for auto- nomous disease detection

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