AI based

It provides non-invasive, pain-less screening of chronic diagnoses based on Eye Retina picture. Three simple steps. Less than 30 seconds. Comprehensive result.

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AI turns medicine towards new era

Demographic and socio-economic changes in the world enforcing change of Healthcare systems. Broadly Accessible diagnostics, remain only medical solution.

  • Early prevention
  • High efficiency
  • Broadly accesible


Diabetic retinopathy screenning

500,000,000 people; growth of 50% expected over the next 15yrs


196,000,000 people in 2020; increasing to 288,000,000 in 2040

Glaucoma *

From 76,000,000 to 111,800,000 is expected growth of global Glaucoma prevalence within next 20 years.

Alzheimers disease *

Only 1-in-4 people with Alzheimer’s disease have been diagnosed.

* Under development

Easy & Accurate

Our personal goal is to become preferred A.I. provider improving early diagnosis of major diseases from Retina Eye images beyond human possibilites.

Aireen will provide early diagnostics of chronical diseases at Point-of-contact. At GP’s offices and even more at Optics and Pharmacy stores.

Evidence instead of claim. Results including details and annotation identified lesions.

Aireen benefits

Jan Hlaváček / CEO of Aireen


For Investors

  • Opportunity to invest into hi-tech AI based medtech project
  • Ophthalmic diagnostic devices manufacturers

For Doctors

  • Reducing ”boring” routine
  • Second oppinion for no additinal time and effort
  • Reducing referrals
  • Better care for clients

For Patients

  • Better access to healthcare and immediate feedback
  • Better health care and wellbeing
  • Reducing referrals
  • Reduction of traveling and unproductive time

Healthcare insurance / Social system

  • Cost reduction of unnecessary referrals
  • Cheaper treatment due to early diagnostics
  • Prevention of fatal diagnoses and related expenses
  • Reduction of work time off

Our Team

Jan Hlaváček
David Navrátil
Milan Pašek
Technology Founder
Martin Slíva
Renata Ženíšková
Head of Clinical Team

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