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Český software Aireen (00:35)
The Czech invention can detect diseases from the eyes
Czech startup Aireen - Revolution in diagnostics
The advent of artificial intelligence for diagnostic purposes is evident
The Czech startup believes that it can diagnose Alzheimer's
Winner of Vodafone Idea of the Year 2021
Czech invention Aireen
The Innovation Week reveals the future of technology
State-of-the-art technologies are meant to help after covid
The Innovation Week begins
Artificial intelligence in the TV debate
Clever diagnostics won the innovators' race
Aireen won the prestigious Vodafone Idea of the Year competition
More than 140 projects entered the Idea of the Year competition
Aireen won the Vodafone Idea of the Year competition
The Czech device Aireen recognizes the disease with just a look in the eye
Eye background analysis reveals a number of diseases
Czech DIGI @ MED Award for innovation in healthcare
Artificial intelligence saves eyesight
Czech startup Aireen reveals diseases of civilization
Aireen's AI reveals the eyes of a disease of civilization
When diabetes looks out of your eyes
When medicine connects with the digital world
They will look into your eyes and reveal diseases of civilization
Jan Hlaváček: Aireen | DIGI@MED Award
Roche awarded the winner of the second year of the Czech DIGI @ MED Award
Czech DIGI @ MED Award ceremony
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